viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

The Mighty Fools new single out now!

Homesick, 2010

The Mighty Fools are all about opposites, constant demeanour and unstable truths. The mood of the band stands somewhere in between rage and compassion and the outcome of it is a rare curious object that fascinates the eye to the point of obsession.

When simpler arrangements enter songs, it feels like a deep breath of fresh air. When thicker textures appear, it feels like blooming. Instruments drop in and out every minute. The Mighty Fools might not be masters of restraint -not that they ever intended to be such thing, anyway.

Miquel Vilella, a baby-faced singer on ‘mother’, turns all sweetness into roughened bravado on ‘I was someone’. Restless and versatile, the music wanders in all directions. One is never quite sure about the fabric of the songs, nor about the nature of the whole project. Is this a folk singer-songwriter or a rock band? Is this a producer album? Undeniably, the music relies strongly on machines, but it still retains an organic quality in a way that defies all thought on what modern production is about. In the purest sense, The Mighty Fools are a modern band.

Miquel worked on the record for a year in his studio, right in front of a 16th c. church, the belfry of which seemed to watch all his moves and even made his way into the record unexpectedly. He recorded all instruments there except drums recorded at La Casa Murada) and became the de-facto producer of the album. Jordi Mora, engineer in vogue, mixed the album and Paul Gold at Salt Mastering mastered the album.

The sleeve design is the work of our favorite American, designer Chris de Lorenzo, who got himself busy with the X-Acto blade and produced a beautiful and colourful river that looks just as if it had been carved on wood.

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